Produce Manager

I’m Nell, your local produce manger at the Co-op! Originally from East River, I moved out here to Rapid City after graduating from Iowa State University in 2016. I was first introduced to Breadroot when my sister (Maria, the grocery manager) had me volunteer at the store whenever I was on vacation in the Hills. Through those experiences, I first gained an understanding, and then an appreciation, for living a sustainable lifestyle and how hard it can be to find access to products that support that-*cough* college life. As the produce manager at Breadroot, I’m excited to be able to work with local and small scale farmers that believe in increasing this access to the Black Hills community. When I’m not foraging through the kale forests at Breadroot, I’m usually wandering a trail somewhere or hunkering down in a coffee shop with a book. And for the record, my favorite piece of produce is a Mango-just ask anyone on staff how happy I am on days when mangoes arrive.