Bookkeeping & Tech Manager

This is Jen, your friendly neighborhood tech dork. If you’ve ever had a problem with the website, you’ve probably talked to me. I moved here in July of 2013 from Gainesville, FL to be with my wife, Lesleigh. Yes, I miss the ocean. No, I don’t miss the 80- 100% humidity.

I was a customer here when I saw the “Now Hiring” sign. They must have liked me because I got the job (previous work as a bookkeeper’s assistant, a bachelor’s in Psychology as well as running my own computer repair business for the previous 8 years probably helped).  In 2015 we adopted a little puppy named Oscar who quickly rose the ranks to become Assistant Bookkeeper.  His office (aka pen) is right next to my desk.


When I’m not working, I’m usually at home with Lesleigh, Oscar and our cats.  I like to cook, watch anime, read comics and talk about my furbabies to anyone who wants to hear.  Really.  I can show you pictures!