Breadroot Cooperative

Board of Directors

Regular Meeting Minutes


Date: 4/10/2017

Allotted Time: 5:00 – 7:00PM

Scheduled Duration: 120-minutes

Location: Co-op Mezzanine


Meeting called to order: 5:00 PM

Attendance: Dowell Caselli-Smith (Chair), Jennifer Benning (secretary – meeting via Skype), Kristi Langrek (BOD), Jeanne Berry (BOD), Tom Berry (BOD), Karen Psiaki (BOD), Jeffrey Thouron (GM)



  1. Approve Agenda (1-min); All approved
  2. “How is everyone doing?” (2-minutes each = 10min)
  • Approve Previous Meeting Minutes (1-min);

Motion to accept minutes with revisions noted; all approved.

  1. GM Items
    1. GM Reports
      1. Policy Compliance Report – Policy B 4 Consumers

Motion to accept Policy Compliance Report as being in compliance with Policy B.4; All approved

  1. Membership Report

No membership report for this meeting

  • Board Reporting Checklist

Jeffrey will post the checklist and the director and insurance liability policies to review.  Karen will review and give a recommendation for the next meeting.

  1. Committee Items
    1. Finance Committee Report – Key Indicator Report as sufficient report.
      1. Report to be presented at Member Meeting
  • Jeffrey will compare financial report for 2016 to the past 2 years.
  • Tom will not be present at the Annual Meeting, so Jeffrey will present report in his absence.
  1. Other Items
    1. Board Self-Review for Member Meeting

Board voted to approve the policy register.  High turnover due to personal lives of prior board members was noted. Upgrading the quality of the forecasting for 5 year plan took place.

  1. Consideration of Annual Meeting Agenda

45 min. for potluck

2nd hour is meeting

  • Members approve agenda
  • Dowell presents BOD report
  • Jeffrey will present GM report
  • Jeffrey will present financial report on behalf of Tom
  • Karen will present discussion on patronage
  • Voting will be called
  • General discussion


  • Board Calendar & Agenda
    1. CBL 101 Cooperative Principles Updated (pp.15-20), The Cooperative Values; Their Values and Practical Significance (pp. 21-23)

Motion to query membership at the end of the annual meeting about the topic of education/outreach/community support ideas; All approved.

  1. Member Engagement: Review Member Meeting Agenda and assignments

Already discussed.

  1. Admin agenda
    1. Attorney of Record: Carla Cushman (City Attorney) “would recommend Erika Olson, who just joined the Lynn Jackson firm.  Her number is 342-2592.  If she can’t help you, I’m sure she can point you to someone else.  You can tell her I sent you.  “

Motion for Karen to contact Erika Olson and encourage her to come to next meeting

  1. Board Elections status.

Full slate of candidates, but no competition.

  1. Board Monitoring: Policy C-Agenda Planning D-Global BOD Management

Policy C – Agenda Planning; discussion will be tabled to next meeting

Policy D – Global BOD Management; motion that the BOD is in compliance with polify; All approved.

  • Schedule Next Meeting –May 8, 5:30-7:00 PM (2-min)

Motion to schedule for May 15, 5 – 6:30 PM

Jeffrey left the meeting at 6:15 pm.

Motion to adjourn; All approved.