100 N. East Street, Rapid City, SD 57701

Quarterly Board Meeting October 13, 2016

4:30p at the co-op mezzanine

Called to order: 4:43 PM

Attendees: Dowell Casselli-Smith (Chair, BOD), Jeanne Berry (BOD), Kristi Langrek (BOD), Jeffrey Thouron (GM), Jennifer Benning (Secretary)


  1. Touch base with each other.
  2. Approval of minutes from 9-19-16 meeting

All approved

  1. Approve or adjust agenda. (10 minutes each item)

All approved

  1. Accept membership applications and membership report.

All approved.

  1. Review CBLD suggestions for monitoring the GM: And, policy register D. 3:

This was reviewed.

  1. Accept Budget and Finance Committee Minutes:

All approved.

  1. Approve budget proposed for 2017:

All approved.

  1. Approve changes to Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual:

All approved.

  1. Follow-up on Board Recruitment efforts and outcomes.

Jennifer will be on sabbatical in Virginia from Jan to June 2017. She will skype or call in to meetings.

  1. Review Board Calendar:
  2. Approve policy compliance reports sent prior to the meeting:
    1. Financial Conditions and Activities:
    2. Asset Protection:

The Policy Compliance Reports discussion for B1 and B3 were tabled until a special board meeting on Nov 17 at 4 pm at the co-op. B6 will also be included at that meeting.

  1. Planning for Annual Members’ Meeting of Spring 2017

We also need to review and approve a new board calendar for 2017 and do some preliminary planning for the annual member meeting.

  1. Other:

In addition, the agenda will include an introduction and training on Freedcamp by Jeffery as a possible alternative to Wiggio.

Kritsti moved for adjournment at 6p. Unanimous.

Jennifer left at 5:33 PM.

Next meeting (quarterly): January 23 at 5:30p.