Minutes for July 18, 2016 Quarterly Board Meeting (5:00 to 6:30p)

Distributed 7/15: 7/15/16 to members after review by GM 7/13 and Exec. Com.

Meeting called to order at 5:08 PM

Attendance: Dowell Casseli-Smith (Chair), Jennifer Benning (Secretary), Karen Lambert (Treasurer), Jeffrey Thoroun (General Manager), Kristi Langerak, Rebekah Dargatz

  1. Check in (10 min-Dowell)
  2. Approval of the Agenda. Motion to accept. All approved
  3. Approval of minutes from 6/20/16. Motion to accept. All approved.
  4. Committee reports and alignment.
      1. Executive Committee (10 min-Dowell)
        1. Jeff’s KPI Recommendations

Motion to table the discussion at the meeting and post the final recommendations to be voted on by Tuesday evening. The BOD needs to vote by Wednesday, July 20.

All approved.

        1. Special Board Meeting to review Jeff’s Draft Business Plan

Meeting to be scheduled for August 15, 6-7 pm

Jennifer likely will not be in attendance, but will submit comments.

      1. Budget and Finance Committee (15 min-Karen)
        1. Current Financials/8 key indicators

Karen explained: current ratio, quick ratio, debt: equity

        1. Jeff’s proposed revisions to budget we received June 20.

Motion to accept revised budget. All approved.

      1. Board Development Committee (7 min.-Dowell)
        1. Volunteer/appoint chair. Rebekah will chair
        2. Status Report. Committee did not meet.
        3. Suggested action items for next committee meeting: Who will go for what training when? What training will be held here, when and where? Board community involvement?
      2. Nomination and Recruitment Committee (7 min-Dowell)
        1. Volunteer/appoint chair. Kristi will chair.
        2. Status report. Committee did not meet.
        3. Suggested Action Items: How many new members will we bring in by October mtg.? (Maybe 2?) How many new board members by February meeting? (Maybe 3 more?) How many for selection at April/annual meeting? (Bring Board to full 11 members?)
  1. General Manager’s Reports (15-20 min-Jeff)
    1. New Member approval Motion to accept. All approved.
    2. Status of the store
      1. Internal goals, processes and accomplishments
      2. Personnel policies and applications. Motion to accept. All approved.
      3. Planned initiatives
    3. External relationships
      1. NCGA
      2. Legal requirements checklist
      3. Other:
  2. Old Business (5 min-Dowell)
    1. Election of Vice President? Kristi is considering.
    2. Annual Report to Members due out in September—include Bd letter?

Should include a letter from Board, Treasurer, and GM; to be done by the end of September. August 15 is due date for draft. Picture of Board to be taken at Aug 15 meeting

  1. New Business (10 min-Dowell)
    1. Adopt 2016-17 Board Calendar for Board and Committees (See draft adopted in appendix to Board Policy Register) Table until Aug 15 meeting.
    2. Teambuilding in August and September? Board development

Motion to adjourn. All approved.

Meeting adjourned at: ____6:25 PM_________ Next Meeting: __Aug 15, 6-7 pm

Thank you all so much for your participation and commitment!