Meeting Minutes for June Board Meeting on Committee Assignments

June 20, 2016

Meeting called to order at 5:11 PM


Attendance: Board Members: Dowell Casseli-Smith (Chair), Kristi Langerak, Jeanne Berry, Jennifer Benning (Secretary), Karen Lambert (Treasurer), Rebekah Dargatz


1.      Check in

2.      Approval of the Agenda.

Approved by all

3.      Approval of minutes from 5/12/16, 5/19/16 as sent by Secretary.

Meeting minutes approved by all

4.      Discussion and approval of committee structure.

a.     Currently adopted in policies as:

i.  Special Committees

ii.                        Executive Committee

iii.                      Budget and Finance Committee

iv.                      Board Development Committee

v.                        Nomination and Recruitment Committee

b.     Additional or Alternative Suggestions

Motion to adopt the committees listed in 4a. All approved.

5.      Review, develop and approve specific committee charges and activities for 2016-17.

a.     Executive Committee

Note wording changed to: “A. Evaluate each quarters KPI’s outcomes…”; B. Review new KPI’s…”; and “F: Provide at least annual reports on the financial status of the Co-op to the members”

Motion to approve with updates; all approved.

b.     Budget and Finance Committee

Note revise the policy register as: 3. Meet at least quarterly, 4. Review financial statements and budgets monthly and share with the board”

Motion to accept change in the policy register as noted above. All approved.

Note revise “E and G: Be sure…””

c.      Board Development

Motion to accept committee as defined; all approved.

d.     Nomination and Recruitment Committee

Motion to approve as written; all approved.

e.     Special Committees

Motion to approve as written; all approved.

6.      Election of Board Officers

a.     President: Dowell Caselli-Smith nominated; all approved (Dowell abstained)

b.     Vice President:

c.      Secretary: Jennifer Benning nominated; all approved (Jennifer abstained)

d.     Treasurer: Karen Lambert nominated; all approved (Karen abstained)

7.      Committee memberships for 2016-17:

a.     Executive (as above)

b.     Budget and Finance: Treasurer chairs (Karen); Kristi; Jen Pearl (bookkeeper); Jeffrey (GM); Rebekah

c.      Board Development: Rebekah; Jeanne; Jennifer

d.     Nomination and Recruitment Committee: Dowell; Kristi; Jeanne

e.     Other: ________________________________________________________________________

8.      Adopt 2016-17 Board Calendar for Board and Committees (See draft adopted in appendix to Board Policy Register)

9.      Meeting adjourned at: 6:25 PM

Jennifer left at 6:16 PM