Board of Directors

Meeting Agenda for

October 19th 2015

Location: Store, 100 East Blvd. on the Mezzanine

Time: 7:15 PM – 9:15 PM -General Meeting


I.        Introduce each other to new Board member (Karen Lambert).


Stephanie Tanner resigned.

Attendance: Jeffrey Thouron, Rebecca Lyle, Dowell Smith, Rebekah Dargatz, Jennifer Benning, Beth Palmer, Karen Lambert.


II.     Recurring Items

i.        Approve Agenda, Agenda approved

ii.      Introduce Guests: Kia Smith

iii.    Review and approve previous minutes: Approved with edit to Jennifer Benning’s term to 2015-2016.

iv.     Review & Approve new co-op members: All new members approved.

v.       Committee Reports

1.       Executive Committee Report/Goals

a.       Did not meet.

b.       Next Meeting November 24th 4:30pm? – Performance review of GM. Meeting is set at Nov 24, 4:30 pm

2.       Planning Committee Report/Goals

a.       Did not meet. Cedar Church Camp, Nov 21st is reserved. Co-op to bring coffee & fruit. 8 am – 3 pm. Lunch tbd.

3.       Finance Committee Report/Goals

a.       See minutes for financial status reports.

Note: look into markup for various items as opposed to S/O on all items; contact NCG and other coops. Rebekah is opposed to the markup because of customer service.

Increased markup on special orders: BOD does not need to approve.

b.       Approval of Karen Lambert as Treasurer. Approved. Also voted as chair of Finance Committee

c.       Approval of 2016 Budget, as accepted by Finance Committee

d.       Approval of Kia Smith’s appointment to Finance Committee; she will consider

4.       Marketing Committee/Goals

vi.     Manager’s Reports

1.       Compliance Review

2.       NCG Update; App is due Jan 1

3.       Customer Service Report; Customer service report was very positive. 76% offered help (Jeffrey would like it to be higher).

4.       Requests for Board or Committee Action; Not other than review of Jeffrey and Board

vii.  Old Business

1.       Jeffrey’s KRA/KPI; voted to approve Q3. For Q4, Goal 3 should be modified to: Jeffrey will produce a draft of the educational program that includes a budget and time frame for implementation. Approved.

2.       Board Evaluation

a.       All elements due by 1/8/2015

i.        Self Eval Poll on Wiggio.

ii.      Staff Poll on in Store Beth and Rebeca will help draft

iii.    Member Poll on Website

3.       Board Retreat – November 14th (Rebekah & Dowell)

viii. New Business

1.       Election of new Vice President; tabled for now.

2.       Strategic Planning Seminar (Dowell) Dowell got a response from the National Business College or Helen Usera

3.       Annual Meeting

a.       Appointment of Nominating Committee; tabled

b.       Appointment of Annual Meeting Committee


Next Quarterly Board Meeting January 18th