Breadroot Cooperative

BOD Meeting



7:15PM at the Co-op on the Mezzanine

In attendance: Dowell Smith (Chair), Rebekah Dargatz (VP), Jennifer Benning

Other attending: Jeffrey Thouron (GM)

Minutes taken by Jeffrey Thouron


Motion made to accept agenda. Accepted

Motion made to accept previous Minutes. Tabled.

Motion to accept new members, Rebekah. 2nd by Jennifer. Unanimous.


Reviewed selected portion of BOD Roles & Responsibilities.


Exec committee did not meet.


Planning committee report. Began to form strategic plan. Planning a Board retreat for fall. Minutes posted on wiggio.


Finance committee. Net Income: June ~-24k, Q2 ~-52k. Equity about 82k. Balance sheet has increased in liabilities over last year due to move. Cash position and Net Income both low for same reason. Concerns about cash flow problems if there are any emergencies in the next few months. Minutes posted on Wiggio.


Marketing Committee. Discussed billboard, bakery and other marketing opportunities. Minutes posted on Wiggio.


Legal Compliance review. 2016 Budget is pending, due in September. Added location of Operating Procedures and what to do if GM can no longer perform duties.


General Manager Report:

NCG Update: Three major questions from our representative. Is our 5% discount sustainable? Is there a concrete stragtegic plan? A financial review.

Request for Committee action: none.

Will be having a 15th Birthday Breadroot Bash in Early November.


General Manager KRA Review. Review Located in BOD > General Manager. Motion to disburse Q 2 Bonus of $988.28 to Jeffrey by Rebekah. Jennifer 2nd. Unanimous.

Proposed Q3 KRA Goals are located in BOD > General Manager. Revise 6th KRA to “Develop a process such that a new member will receive a new member card upon joining and renewing members will receive card upon renewing.” Motion to accept proposed Q3 KRA by Rebekah. Jennifer 2nd. Unanimous.


Clarification that Jennifer Benning’s term is two-year, ending at the 2017 annual meeting.


Motion made by Rebekah to nominate Jennifer as Secretary for 2015-6 term. Jennifer 2nd. Unanimous.


Discussed potential new Board members that would serve as Treasurer.


Discussion about previously passed motion about Working Member Compensation (May). Idea to counter that motion with a plan to pass a Board Compensation to the membership pursuant bylaw 4.12. Jeffrey will call NCG to get information regarding board compensation from NCG; Dowell from Sioux Falls Co-op; Jennifer from Wedge; Rebekah a non-Cooperative for-profit Board.

Clarification from previous minutes: A board director, in order to receive the Working Member 25% discount, will log hours and post it to the Board of Directors.


Motion to Adjourn, Unanimous.

Adjourned at 8:34 PM


Next Meeting: October 19th 2015 @ the Co-op on the Mezzanine