Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Breadroot Cooperative
Board of Directors monthly meeting agenda

Date: Monday May 21, 2018
Allotted Time: 5-6:30 pm
Location: Co-op Mezzanine

I. Approve agenda (1 min)
II. “How is everyone doing?” (3 min)
III. Approve previous meeting’s minutes (April 2017) (3 min)
IV. Introductions
a. Welcome, Dora! (3 min)

V. Board Calendar & Agenda (38 min)
a. Board manual distribution (5 min)
b. Board Education Discussion (10 min)
i. Eight key financial indicators
c. Evaluate board compliance of policy C4: Meetings (10 min)
i. Are we demonstrating accomplishment of a reasonable interpretation of this policy?
d. Executive committee elections (10 min)
i. President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary
ii. Committees: Nomination, Finance, Development, Engagement
e. Member engagement (3 min)
i. Introduce 2018-19 BOD to membership
Due to Rachel Wester by 5/24. (

VI. GM Items (28-min)
a. GM Compliance Report – discuss and vote to accept/reject (15 min)
i. B1: Financial Condition
ii. B2: Planning & Budgeting
b. NCG update (5 min)
c. Adjusted budget for 2018 – board approval (5 min)
d. Community engagement update (3 min)

VII. Committee Items (15 minutes)
a. Finance Committee (10 min) – Tom
i. Monthly report
ii. Other items
b. Executive committee report (5-min) – Lindsey

VIII. Next meetings
a. Executive committee meeting: Monday, June 11, 12-1 pm
b. Finance committee meeting: TBD
c. General Board meeting: Monday, June 18, 5-6:30 pm