About the Co-op

Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op was created in 2000 by a small group of locals that shared the desire to make local and specialty products that couldn’t be found at conventional grocery stores available to the public. Originally operated by volunteers, Breadroot quickly grew with demand and was able to move and expand a few times before getting to its current location at 100 East Blvd North.

Built on a membership model, Breadroot is 100% owned by its members (currently 1,959!), and continues to see growth, allowing for some major improvements and for the Co-op to remain competitive in a market seeing more and more demand for organic and specialty products.

Breadroot’s mission is to promote community involvement in the production, procurement, and distribution of natural and organic foods and other goods and services for healthy living. We envision a community strengthened by cooperative economics and driven by concern for the health and well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

Sharissa Hermanson – Interim General Manager

Breadroot Meaning

Breadroot (Psoralea esculenta) commonly referred to as a prairie turnip or timpsula, is a perennial plant native to prairies and dry woodlands of central North America. The plant produces a starchy tuberous root that was once a staple food of the Plains Indians.

The flower of the prairie turnip. Photo taken in Badlands National Park, South Dakota