Breadroot Cooperative

Board of Directors

Regular Meeting Agenda

Date: 1/23/2017

Allotted Time: 4:30 – 6:30PM

Scheduled Duration: 124-minutes

Location: Co-op Mezzanine

Meeting called to order: 5:00 PM

Attendance: Dowell Casseli-Smith (Chair), Jennifer Benning (secretary – meeting via Skype), Karen Langrek, Jeanne Berry (BOD), Tom Berry (potential BOD), Karen Psiaki (potential BOD)

  1. Approve Agenda (1-min)

Accepted, with change to acceptance of new members to end

  1. “How is everyone doing?” (2-minutes each = 10min)
  1. Approve Previous Meeting Minutes (1-min)

Motion to approve; all approved

  1. Board Calendar & Agenda
    1. CBL 101 Training (Jeff suggests directors read the CBL 101 Handbook in lieu of the actual seminar)

Next realistic meetings would be 3rd quarter; the handbook is available on Freedcamp

Motion to allow char to assign sections to read and devote 15 minutes to each BOD meeting until finished; all approved

    1. Member Engagement: Article for Annual Report, due out in Mar/Apr

From BOD calendar: article is required; ideas by March

Karen will work on patronage report; Member engagement article will introduce workshops idea (Jeanne)

    1. Admin agenda
      1. Finalize GM Evaluation Items from 2016 review

GM agrees to work on business plan and towards goal of membership in NCGA

The BOD believes that the GM’s performance is extremely well.

All approved

      1. motion for $1,000 bonus to GM per contract based on review.

Motion to approve $1,000 bonus for GM; All approved.

    1. Board Monitoring: Policy C-Global Governance & Policy D-Global BOD Management

Motion to accept Policy C; all approved

Motion to accept Policy D; all approved

  1. GM Items
    1. GM Reports
      1. Policy Compliance Report – Policy B Global Constraints

Motion to accept report as presented; all approved

      1. Membership Report

Motion to accept new members; all approved

      1. Board Reporting Checklist

Motion to accept checklist; all approved

    1. Jeff is going to be in Japan from 21-Mar to 5-Apr

Motion to approve; all approved

    1. Consideration of expansion of Policy B8: Board Logistical Support to include a new employee for the “board administrator” position which would provide logistical support to the BOD.

GM learned about this position from CBL101; not a full time job

    1. Addition of Review of Policies B7 & B8 to Board Annual Calendar.

GM recommends additions in Sept & Oct

Motion to accept; all approved

  1. Committee Items
    1. Finance Committee Report – Key Indicator Report as sufficient report.
      1. Motion to accept Jen Owen as part of Finance Committee.

All approved

  1. Other Items
    1. Board Self-Review Results

These will be reviewed before the next BOD meeting to be discussed then

    1. Consideration of Annual Meeting Location

Motion to be held the weekend of Earth Day; with some consideration for coordination around local Earth Day events; All approved

Motion to hold meeting at Breadroot; All approved

Board needs to appoint a nominating committee for new BOD members

    1. No Finance Meeting Scheduled so that until we have an adequate # of directors, the finance & regular meeting will be merged?

Committee meetings should be scheduled by members of the committee in a way that meets the integrity of their other careers

  1. Schedule Next Meeting – Quarterly Meeting on February 27st @ 5 PM PM (2-min)

Meeting adjournted: 7:04 PM