The coolest dairy cooler in town.

The Breadroot dairy cooler houses a wide array of products, ranging from raw cheese, kefir, and local eggs to cream cheese, yogurt, and milk. Some of the brands carried include Nancy’s, Kalona, Straus and Organic Valley. We also carry a selection of products from these local producers:


In addition to being one of our most popular local produce vendors, Cedar Creek  Gardens of Midland, SD, provides us with most of our free-range eggs on a weekly basis. Their chickens are outdoors from sun-up until sun-down, and their range is the entire farm. Their feed, which is corn- and soy-free, is mixed by a neighboring farmer and includes locally grown peas, oats, and flax.

Dimodimockck Dairy

Dimock Dairy Co-op opened for business in 1931 and is the oldest operating cheese plant in South Dakota. Their hand-made cheeses are delicious, affordable, and come in an exciting variety of flavors and kinds.

lazy-vc-kellyLAZY VC KELLY RANCH

Patty Kelly of Lazy VC Kelly Ranch has been raising chickens her entire life. Her current flock  of Red Sexlinks free-ranges all day on her 10-acre farm, and their supplemental feed includes organic corn, oats, peas, and barley. We don’t always have these in stock, but when we do, look for the deep blue carton!