Young Thai Coconut

Young Thai Coconut

Not So Nutty After All

Young Thai Coconut I am certain that most if not all of you beloved co-opers are familiar with the delicious and versatile Coconut. Perhaps you may find it difficult not to be, especially in this day and age. Could you ever imagine that the coconut is not actually a nut at all? To be botanically correct it is a Drupe. Other drupes you may know of include: the coffee berry, peaches, plums, and mangoes. This is only to name a few. Though the coconut is not a nut, I doubt it will leave your face drooping in dissatisfaction.

The Young Thai

Though you are most likely familiar with coconuts in general,  you may be less familiar with young Thai coconuts.The young Thai is as the name implies, a younger version of its well known counterpart. It looks different and tastes different. Some sYoung Thai Coconutpecific differences are:  it is softer and has less meat/flesh (the white part) and it holds a higher volume of fluid. I will do my best to enamor your imagination with a description of this resplendent, magnanimous, most delicious and divine of  tropical treats… How did I do?… Personally I have been ruined by the young Thai. The taste of the fresh water is for me the highlight of what is offered here. Sweet, succulent and very refreshing. It is hard to truly describe the flavor experience.

Young Water

There Young Thai Coconutare a lot of canned or bottled coconut waters on the market. Some of which I have found to be fairly decent in flavor. Most of them however are from concentrate. If you are drinking coconut water it is likely you know of all the hype and benefits it boasts. As far as I am aware, product quality diminishes the more it is processed. So though these coconut waters may be flavorful their nutritional inferiority is disheartening. Especially when desiring such a product for its ability to aid in not only daily performance and hydration but also in the context of enhanced athleticism. Water from the young Thai is noticeably different than any other coconut water I have tried. The quality is impossible to miss. I feel it is as close as one can get (especially in South Dakota) to busting open a fresh coconut off the tree and lavishing in its sweet nectar.

I have mentioned little thus far of the flesh of the young Thai. This is not due to undesirability, but an overshadowing of my love for the water. I must give some recognition and admiration to the rest of the fruit as not to do so would be a disservice. The flesh is delicious as well. It is tender, mildly sweet and filling. I have less experience with the flesh but am aware of its use by some in making a cultured coconut yogurt or pudding. Many benefits are made available by it as well. The young Thai coconut flesh is lower in fat and higher in calcium than a mature coconut  and contains a variety of antioxidants.

Overall this fruit is amazing, in more ways than one!