Special Order Notice

(Posted 1/7/22)

We have been notified by our supplier (UNFI) that due to labor shortages on their end, they are capping our entire store’s orders for the time being. We are not the only co-op with this limitation. Many of the co-ops on the east coast have had this limitation for several weeks, but now it’s caught up to us. Our orders will be capped based on the averages of what we ordered last year.

Because we want to prioritize and ensure that our shelves stay as full as possible, we may be forced to suspend the option to place special orders in an effort to make that happen. We received our truck today (1/7) and only about 1/3 of the special orders showed up. All of the unreceived orders are removed, meaning they will not carry over to the next shipment and will need to be placed again. That said, we want to be as accommodating as possible, so special orders will continue to be received for the next two weeks (1/11 & 1/18 orders), but please be aware that there’s a good chance your special order may not show up because of these limitations. If, after two weeks, we find that we’re unable to effectively fulfill a majority of the special orders, we may have to suspend the option to place special orders until further notice.

We apologize if you order something and it does not show up. This is completely out of our hands.

These are some pretty uncertain times, but we are trying our best to keep things steady and provide as much healthy food to our community as possible, given the restrictions we’re working with. We appreciate all of the support, so please keep it coming. Our shelves are still being kept very full!