Paul Cohen

I became interested in healthy eating and living as a young adult, getting involved work- wise in 1986 in Great Falls, MT, where I managed a health food store specializing in bulk food purchasing and bread making. In 1996 I moved to a friend’s newly purchased 80 acre market farm and spent the next 15 months in the transition process to organic and starting an on-farm store. Afterwards I ran a non-profit project in western Montana connecting growers to consumers, restaurants, stores and other growers. I also worked with an organic commodities broker locating markets for organic crops grown in the Montana – Dakotas region. In the fall of 2017, I began a 14 month journey volunteering on organic farms in Israel, including a 10 month stint on a Community Supported Agriculture operation, afterwards relocating to Rapid City in December of 2018. I have also done much writing and editing in recent years. I see lots of opportunity to apply my experience and abilities on behalf of the growing Breadroot community.