Frozen Food Storage Guide

frozenfruit (2)Freezing Food 101

Gardens are blooming, and zucchini is abundant! Your friends and family are probably tired of being generously gifted the fruits of your summer hobby. So what should you do after the zucchini bread is baked, and the neighbors refuse your generosity?

Use the handy guide below to know how long you can allow food items to be frozen:

freezing food guide



Well, I hope you learned as much as I did about food storage! Knowing that freezing preserves freshness and nutritional value, you can utilize and serve local homegrown ingredients all year around. Making a winter soup will be a breeze if you have a freezer stocked full of homegrown vegetables!

Not only is freezing food a great way to preserve, but it also reduces waste. Keeping food waste at a minimum is something everyone should be concerned about. Did you know that 30%-40% of America’s food is wasted, it just gets tossed into the trash. This is literally tons of food per year. We live in a country of abundance, yet somehow this abundance is simply thrown out never to be used. We can prevent food waste, by buying less and using more.  A great way to offset waste and use your whole summer crop is to preserve your produce via freezing.

While freezing isn’t the only method of food saving or preservation it is one of the easiest, and requires very little material. All you need freezer bags or well sealed containers. Do not freeze glass containers!

If freezing is not an option try canning, dehydrating, fermenting or donating.



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Happy food saving!

If you would like to help end food waste in other way check out World Food Day’s website.