Earth Day Bulk Sale

Thursday, April 22

We’ve got a ton of items in our bulk section so this is a great time to get familiar with what we offer. Flour, oats, beans, quinoa, rice, barley, wheat, nuts, granola, yeast, tea, coffee, honey, maple syrup, spices, bagged dry fruit, baking chocolate, snack mixes, soap and cleaning liquids to name a few. If you’re not currently a member-owner, this is the time to sign up!

Bulk bins: Beans, Rice, Granola
Bulk Coffee, Tea, Syrup, Honey, Flour
Bulk Soap, Detergent, Household Cleaner
Bulk Spices

Complete list of our bulk offerings

Steel cut Oats
Quick rolled oats
Regular rolled oats
Great northern Beans
Kidney beans
Navy beans
Cannellini beans
Black eyed peas
Small red chili beans
Mung beans
Baby Lima beans
Black beans
Chili Colorado blend beans
Organic heirloom bean mix
Pinto beans
Garbanzo beans
French green lentils
Black lentils
Green lentils
Red lentils
Green split peas
Yellow split peas
Black quinoa
Red quinoa
Try-color quinoa pilaf
Forbidden rice
Short grain brown rice
Basmati brown rice
Arborio rice
Jasmine brown rice
Wild rice blend
Basmati white rice
Long grain brown rice
Jade pearl rice
Jasmine white rice
Multi-colored popcorn
Yellow popcorn
Quinoa flakes
Rolled barley flakes
Wheat bran
Rolled rye flakes

Oat bran
Buckwheat groats
Spelt berries
Hard red winter wheat berries
Hard red winter wheat
Hard white winter wheat
Oat groats
Pearled barley
Rye berries
Hulled barley
Bulgur wheat
Whole spelt flour
Spelt flour white
Pastry flour
Rye flour
Oat flour
Buckwheat flour
Potato starch
Corn meal
Blue cornmeal
Bob red mills GF 1 to 1 baking mix
Coconut flour
White rice flour
Brown rice flour
OG sprouted wheat flour
Garbanzo flour
Barley flour
Redmond real salt
Celtic sea salt (fine ground)
Celtic sea salt (light grey Celtic)
Coconut sugar
Shredded coconut
Coconut flakes
Dark chocolate pecan granola
Grandma Dave’s crunchy granola

Raspberry crunch granola
Ancient grains granola 
French vanilla almond granola
GF chocolate bliss granola
Maple cranberry
Goji berry granola
Black roads original granola
Cashew cranberry pecan granola
Blueberry almond granola
Pistachio mulberry granola
Belle valley ancient grains
Brown flax seed
Hulled millet
Quinoa pagodas
Yeast (large flake)
Tapioca starch
Almond flour
Unbleached flour
Bread flour
Whole wheat flour
Cane sugar
Apple cider vinegar
Pure vanilla extract
Low sodium tamari sauce
Liquid aminos
Olive oil
Amber raw blue agave
Maple syrup
Packaged dry fruit, nuts, baking chocolate, snack mixes
Dr bonners Castile soaps
Hand sanitizer 
Laundry detergent 
Dishwasher detergent 
Dr bonners household cleaner
Bath salts
Epsom salts