Breadroot Board of Directors 2017


My name is Dowell Caselli-Smith and this is my third term as President of Breadroot’s Board. However, for the past year I served as Board Treasurer. As President I hope to work with the Finance Committee, the new Treasurer, and the General Manager to refine our monthly and quarterly reports to the full board and membership. I would also like to work with the Planning Committee to put complete a five year plan reflective of the memberships ideas of what we aspire to be five years from now. I would also like to see us expand on the assessment and responses we have in place for both Management and the Board with regards to our annual and long-term operational goals.

Tom Berry (Treasurer)

Jennifer Benning (Secretary)

Jeanne Berry

Kristi Langerak

Karen Psiaki

Karen Psiaki  (pronounced “psyche”, the “p” is silent)


I moved to the Black Hills in 2006.  I grew up in the New York City area.  I have degrees from Princeton and NYU.  I spent many years in Jersey City, which is just across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan and ground zero.  For a few years I was a food entrepreneur, importing a specialty product from Austria, and manufacturing a snack food of my own.  It didn’t bring me money, but I learned a lot.  In my paying jobs I was always in sales:  X-ray equipment, computer software, tractors, mostly technical stuff.  More recently advertising, both broadcast and print.


I love to cook.  I love to open the cupboards and just invent.  My first cookbooks were vegetarian, and I still have them – much tattered.  They were pre-vegan, heavy on the cream, eggs, and cholesterol.  I have a respect for people’s dietary preferences.  I think that makes me different from the average “business person.”


I am learning the massive amount of work it takes to track the performance of the Co-op to provide effective leadership and oversight.   Some areas of work for me to focus on might be membership and community engagement.


Integrity lives in a very personal way for me:  doing what you know to do; doing what others would expect you to do.  That includes a commitment to quality and to having things be complete.  I would say I am passionate about inclusion, diversity, and getting communities to open up and work together in productive and unpredictable ways.  I think that leads to the miracles.


My day job is writing articles and selling advertising for Black Hills Faces magazine.