8 Pumpkin Facts

Squash season is upon us. Finally! This particular squash is sweet, and delicious, and it’s about to burst into abundance. The ubiquitous PSL, pumpkin pie spice flavored everything, and over all bombardment of one’s autumnal shopping experience, might turn you off of the humble pumpkin.

Alas, here are 8 awesome reasons to love pumpkin!

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This humble winter squash is but a victim in the hatred of spice flavored everything. Pumpkin itself is a magical vehicle for a variety of savory spices and its flavor is applicable in a variety of dinner and lunch dishes.

My favorite way to utilize this squash is in a Curry Pumpkin Soup. I usually omit the coconut milk, but it does add a nice flavor to the soup. If you happen to like coconut milk, which I do not.

As a soup base it is hard to beat, but this winter squash can really be used in a number of ways. Look below for a list of yummy ideas for your fall table.

Pumpkin Pasta

Grilled Cheese

 Fritters with Rosemary and Cheese 


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