What the Co-op Does:

Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op is a cooperatively-owned grocery store located in the heart of Rapid City South Dakota. Focusing on a “Food First” motto, Breadroot Co-op is dedicated to the goal of providing the highest quality food at fair price

We specialize in organic and Non-GMO food, as well as local and organic producegrass fed meatsbulk spices and herbs, wellness, and supplement products. The co-op strives to carry the newest organic food products. If you are looking for paleo, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, ethnic, or unique food products we are your Rapid City source!

Why the Co-op is better:

A cooperative is best defined as “an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs.” Through cooperative effort, a group of people can do what each person alone might never be able to do. A co-op puts business ownership, such as a grocery store,in the hands of people who otherwise would not have the means.

blogbuttonaFor more information on the stuff we do from day to day at the co-op check out our department manager run blog, by clicking on the button to the left. Each manager writes on a subject they are passionate about once a month. Topics include paleo eating, coffee brewing, safety in home care and body care products, and toothpaste. The blog is as wide ranging as the people in the store. Check back with us every Thursday to see updates and new blog posts or e-mail to be added to the mailing list!

What is a Breadroot?

Breadroot Cooperative is named after a native bean (timpsula) whose esculent roots are gathered in June from area prairies. The Breadroot is a natural example of the endurance and sustainability we strive to achieve.

Get in touch

Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op

100 East Boulevard N.
Rapid City SD 57701 USA

(605) 348-3331

Store Hours

Monday - Saturday: 9am - 8pm
Sunday: 11am - 6pm

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